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A Visit to Bury St. Edmunds

Bury St. Edmonds is a beautiful town that has lots of shopping options without being too big or busy like Cambridge or London. The Abbey is here which has links to the Manga Carta. Charles Dickens spent a lot of time in this town. He frequently stayed at the Angel Hotel pictured below. Let's find… Continue reading A Visit to Bury St. Edmunds


PCSing Over the Holidays

The holidays can be a hectic time of year and even more so when you're PCSing. We've traveled on New Years' Day ourselves so I'll share some of the things we've experienced and learned from. Things May be Closed It's important to note that many of the places you need to go to, to get… Continue reading PCSing Over the Holidays


Taxes in the UK

Photo by on Part of the reason why so many people say this is their most expensive PCS and you get COLA is because of the many taxes you have to pay in the UK. Hopefully, This article will help you understand many of the taxes you'll face coming to the UK so… Continue reading Taxes in the UK

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What is the Air Force Key Spouse Program?

Photo by Ylanite Koppens on Even though the Key Spouse program has been around for over a decade now, not many people know about it or understand how it works. It is a commander sponsored program that tries to help spouses when they first gets to a new duty station or their loved one… Continue reading What is the Air Force Key Spouse Program?


A Visit to Mildenhall

This is the lovely village of Mildenhall. It is close to the main bases and is large enough to have everything you need. Mildenhall St. Mary's Church Like most villages it does have a beautiful church in the city center. It happens to be on the High Street which is where most of the places… Continue reading A Visit to Mildenhall


Tips on Living in the UK

This post includes some affiliate links that I have approve of, that provide me a commission if you click through and make a purchase. This helps keep me blogging at no extra cost to you. The Language is Different (No, Really) The RAF Commander asks if anyone speaks English. Of course, everyone raises their hands… Continue reading Tips on Living in the UK


Things to Consider when PCSing Overseas

Cheers!!! 1. Save, save, save Moving anywhere--especially overseas--requires a lot of upfront money (the military will reimburse you a couple months after you move though). You have to put a deposit on a house, buy a car, pay taxes for things like your TV (yes that is a thing, I will write about it later)… Continue reading Things to Consider when PCSing Overseas