How to Start a Budget

As I type I'm planning out my budget step by step to give you a better understanding of how budgeting works. First, I what to tell you why you should make a budget. They allow you to have freedom and peace of mind. I have found if I don't tell our money where to go,… Continue reading How to Start a Budget


Tips on Living in the UK

The Language is Different (No, Really) The RAF Commander asks if anyone speaks English. Of course, everyone raises their hands and he says "No, you don't, you speak American" and he's absolutely right. They have different words than we have. Example: we say bathroom, they say toilet or loo. Also, the same word may not… Continue reading Tips on Living in the UK


Deployments: Back in the Day vs Today

Today I'm reflecting how far, at least the Air Force has come in giving support to spouses during deployments. I'm a Key Spouse for my husband's squadron and I've actually been doing this a while (since 2011). I went to a Deployed Spouses Town Hall. This is basically a briefing letting people know about some… Continue reading Deployments: Back in the Day vs Today