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5 Ideas to Connect Military Brats with Loved Ones

This post include a sponsored link that I have approve of and trust. This is at no extra cost to you unless you choose to purchase the product. I'm excited to announce that I'm working with Kidvelope to showcase their awesome products to help keep family and friends connected even if they are geographically separated.… Continue reading 5 Ideas to Connect Military Brats with Loved Ones


Taxes in the UK

Photo by on Part of the reason why so many people say this is their most expensive PCS and you get COLA is because of the many taxes you have to pay in the UK. Hopefully, This article will help you understand many of the taxes you'll face coming to the UK so… Continue reading Taxes in the UK


Blended Retirement System (BRS)

Photo by Ibrahim Asad on I feel like this retirement system has actually been discussed a lot lately on the active duty side but many spouses still don't know about. I hope this article clarifies some concepts. How does it works? Your service member will get 40% of their base pay. The rest of… Continue reading Blended Retirement System (BRS)


A Visit to Mildenhall

This is the lovely village of Mildenhall. It is close to the main bases and is large enough to have everything you need. Mildenhall St. Mary's Church Like most villages it does have a beautiful church in the city center. It happens to be on the High Street which is where most of the places… Continue reading A Visit to Mildenhall


Trying to Understand the Military Child

Military children are very unique. They are also known as Military Brats. BRAT stands for Bold, Responsible, Adaptable and Tolerant. I'm not a Brat myself, but I have two of my own. Here's what I see in them: The military child is bold because they have to be. Their parents only make up one percent… Continue reading Trying to Understand the Military Child


How to Create a Debt Pay Down Plan That Works for You

Are you looking to pay down debt but you're not sure the best way to go about it? Read on and I'll explain the major differences between the debt snowball effect and debt avalanche method. Debt Snowball Debt snowball consists of you paying off your smallest debt first, giving you a small victory. This encourages… Continue reading How to Create a Debt Pay Down Plan That Works for You


How to Prepare for a Deployment

Have One Last Date Night You guys won't see each other for a while, so make the most of the last of your face-to-face time. Even if you have kids, go out without them. Remember, you have 30 days of free childcare and probably a whole lot of friends who will watch them for you… Continue reading How to Prepare for a Deployment


How to Start a Budget

As I type I'm planning out my budget step by step to give you a better understanding of how budgeting works. First, I what to tell you why you should make a budget. They allow you to have freedom and peace of mind. I have found if I don't tell our money where to go,… Continue reading How to Start a Budget


Ultimate Guide to Saving Money on Travel

This post includes some affiliate links that I have approve of that provide me a commission if you click through and make a purchase. This helps keep me blogging at no extra cost to you. Book Far Enough in Advance One of the keys to saving money on travel is to book far enough in… Continue reading Ultimate Guide to Saving Money on Travel