Coronavirus: A Time to Focus on You

It’s a time to focus on you; if your spouse is not deployed and your kids are not under 5. Of course, you should still make time to focus on you but it’s harder. However, the Coronavirus can be scary and it’s turning everyone’s world upside down. We can look at this as a time to reframe and seek true focus in our lives (even if it’s only a few minutes sometimes). This can be difficult with the ability of Netflix and Disney + so easily accessible. It can be difficult eat that salad when you have those quarantine Oreos! It’s easier to give into fear rather than have hope. Here are a few tips to help no matter where you are in life.

Eat (Fairly) Healthy

The best way to not eat all the snack foods is to not buy them in the first. However, if you have a spouse or kids that want the less than stellar food choices, consider buying things you don’t like eating but they will. This might help curb the urge to overeat. I’m still struggling with this one because I love to bake. However, being 30 plus years old, cookies and cakes have a tendency to attach to my hips for extended periods of time. I am moving to baking with healthier substitutes like oat flour and applesauce. This is so that there are some nutrients and less calories in the foods I make. I made a carrot cake with applesauce instead of oil and the family didn’t even notice. Shhhh… don’t tell.


Currently, we can walk outside if were not in Russia. Video Take a few minutes out of your day to move outside whether it’s walking, biking or playing basketball with the kids. The movement, sunshine, and Vitamin D(particularly in the UK) good for you. There are also plenty of ways to exercise indoors with YouTube and many instructors doing live streams.

Learn a New Skill or Hobby

Pick up a hobby or learn a new skill to pass the time. Sew masks which can help health care works, learn to crochet or try a new recipe. You have YouTube, Skillshare, and Pinterest to help you get started. Below I’ll put some links of how you can learn some new skills. The world is your learning oyster!

Sometimes this hobby or skill can turn into job. I ended up opening a virtual tax business in January before the Coronavirus was a big issue. I was expecting to do a few friends returns and make some profit, maybe. However, when the social distancing started to happen more people were seeking out a way to do taxes virtually. It reminds me a little of that scene when Forrest Gump had the only fishing boat up after a storm. You never know where your endeavors will take you unless you start them.

Help Your Community

I have already seen some amazing things in my community on-base. There are chalk drawings on the sidewalk, people dressed up as inflatable dinosaurs or sloths, and offers to shop for others. We as military spouses already do this well but now we have to figure out what that looks like from a distance. Try to figure out what skill set you have that can help people most that are in isolation. I make sure people have groceries because I’m lucky enough to still work during this time and I have to go grocery shopping for myself anyway. You will not see me sewing any masks though!

There are some places that are still open and actually may not have full capacity to meet their goals. The commissary has been hit hard by this pandemic since the items are leaving the shelves quicker than they can restock them. My local commissary is also in need of baggers. The hospital and the Red Cross are also very big players in this and can use volunteers, donations or blood for patients. Check your area to see what the need is.

Slow down and figure out what you really want. This is a rare time to self-reflect and self-evaluate. It can be a time to ramp up and start something new or refresh because you have been going a mile a minute. Maybe it’s a time to connect to family or make time to do a Zoom call with your friend from a couple bases ago. Everyone is different but everyone can gain something during this time of solitude. Please leave some comments below of how you are coping with COVID-19. Stay safe everyone!


Virtual Tours



Learn a New Skill



Read Books


Apple Books offers ‘stay at home’ collection of free read-alongs for kids, cozy mysteries, and audiobooks

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