A Visit to Mildenhall

This is the lovely village of Mildenhall. It is close to the main bases and is large enough to have everything you need.

Mildenhall St. Mary’s Church

Like most villages it does have a beautiful church in the city center. It happens to be on the High Street which is where most of the places you’ll need or want to go are. The of High Streets as Main Street.


Mildenhall has a large grocery store called Sainsbury’s. For shopping for household needs like kitchenware or gardening there’s a Wilko and The Factory Store. They remind me a bit of Big Lots or Dollar Tree. There are other miscellaneous little shops and boutiques that or fun to explore. Also, you may want to check out the charity shops in the village for a bargain. These are basically thrift stores. You can also check out their farmers market on Fridays.

Sainsbury’s-Large grocery store in Mildenhall
Friday Farmers’ Market


There is free parking for 2 hours in the Sainsbury’s or Wilko parking lot that is fairly easy to park in. There is also parking in the center of the city but it fills up quick. There is also a bus station if you decide you want to take a bus to take a trip.


There are several restaurants and cafes in the area. Of course you have your fish and chips shop and pizza and kabob. Options for tea are the Riverside (pretty fancy) or Barleycorn (more cozy). There’s no Starbucks but there is the English version called Costa.


For recreation there is a nice walking path with ducks and swans. There is a playground and open field for picnics or soccer. There’s a swimming pool and community center with activities as well as rooms to rent out for events.

I hope this helps your family narrow down your decision on which village to live in. They are all beautiful and have their downsides and upsides. What is your biggest factor when choosing a place to live? Please share in the comments below.

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