A Visit to Red Lodge

Red Lodge is a cute little village about 15 minutes from the bases if there’s no traffic. It can be 20 minutes or more if you’re traveling at peak times. There are however a couple ways to get there, so you can avoid a certain route if it’s busy or they are doing road work. One of the quickest ways to get there during the work day is through the 5 ways roundabout (avoid it after 4pm though). I know many people are afraid of it but once you get the hang of it you be fine. Below is a video that might help you understand roundabouts better.


Red Lodge doesn’t have much shopping but you’re close to the bigger villages to go to the larger grocery stores. Also, Cambridge is only about 30 minutes away if you want a big city experience like a mall or stores that are open later.

This is where you’d get run and get your milk or bread between your bigger shopping trips. Note that UK refrigerators are MUCH smaller ours so you’ll be at the store every few days or every other day, depending on your family size.

This is the shopping area with the grocery store that has a post office in it, a couple restaurants, and a couple other shops.


It’s nice for kids because there are a couple nice playgrounds.

And great for the whole family (including the dog) to go on that after dinner walk!

There is a Community Centre (sorry, that’s how they spell it here) that has many activities, a little restaurant, and rooms to use for parties.


There is also the Red Lodge Pub that has interesting things to try like kangaroo meat. It’s pretty good! Right next to that is the Red Lodge Transport Cafe (it’s a truck stop, but nicer). They have tasty, reasonably priced food. You also have a choice of the fish and chips shop or the pizza and kabob shop in the main shopping . The pizza and kabob shop does free delivery to Red Lodge.

I hope this helps you narrow down the village you’ll pick as your home for the next few years. Where ever you live just get out and explore it!

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